Vinogradarstvo MILOŠ

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Stagnum dessert 2012

Peljeac peninsula


Sandy soil on dolomite rocks

Vintage year:

Grape variety:
Plavac mali 100%

Alcohol volume:
16 %

Residual sugar:
84 g/l

 sweet red wine

0,375 l

This Stagnum can only be made in a particular year using an exceptionally demanding technology. The grapes are dried on the grape vine for as long as the weather allows and are later additionally dried on ropes in special rooms. Once, attics were used to do this. This way the grapes are dried until they dehydrate. The drying process lasts for about two months. Grapes are usually so dry that they can only be crushed with feet; the machines simply cannot do the job. Because of the dry and hard mass the job is extremely difficult and the fluids of the wine are obtained drop by drop. The aging and the final wine formation take place in Slavonian oak barrels.

The wine possesses a brown-brick like colour, the aroma of overripe dark fruit, a taste equally dynamic when in the palate, when sipping it and the aftertaste. All taste buds are in awe. All the elements come together in a single expression. This is a sweet wine and it is to be served only with desserts.

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