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The Peljesac peninsula stretches in the southeast - northwest direction. The very position of the peninsula is a prerequisite for the south slopes to have a big inflow of solar energy, light and warmth in early spring, which is favourable for the cultivation of Plavac mali. An excellent substrate for the cultivation of Plavac mali is the sedimentary sandy soil on the south slopes of this hilly and forested peninsula. These locations can rightfully be called the nests of Plavac mali.

Our vineyards stretch between the Prapratno cove and the Ponikve village. They are located on the south slopes of the middle longitudinal reef, on the qualitatively best plots of land formed on the dolomite rocks. The conditions for planting a vineyard are extremely difficult; the locations are on very steep slopes (45 degrees) full of rocks and deeply grooved soil. Such locations are enriched with handmade terraces and dry-stone walls. Planting the vineyards in these locations we are creating a unique blend of landscape architecture in which the dry-stone walls, the soil and the grapevine create unique sensations.

To experience, adapt to and change such an environment enables a person to understand the exterior climate influences: the sun, the warmth, the light, the air circulation, the types and the amounts of the downfall, accumulation of humidity in the soil and in the air. Plavac mali is a tie which puts all of these characteristics together and creates harmony; a very complex one.

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You too feel that wine is a part of our culture and our lives? If you are a wine lover or an admirer of nature in any way, Stagnum is just another expression of an entire spectrum of natural and climate effects. In other words, it is a path we wish to share with you.

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